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James L. Mang passed away on March 8, 2010. He was 59.

We were always laughing.

The last time I talked to my Uncle Jim was in 2003. I made the careless mistake of leaving town for a wedding the exact weekend he was coming into town to take me to a University of Cincinnati football game. Those were the days before Blackberries; the days before Twitter or Facebook. Hell, those were even the days where paying per minute on your cell phone was the norm. If only Twitter had been invented then, I could have sent a quick tweet that said “sorry, I have 2 go 2 this wedding 2 show my ex-bf how over him I am.” Nice, huh.


Could this little guy last six days with Lauren?

I’ve agreed to watch a friend’s dog while she’s out of town for six days. But here’s the glitch: I’m not all that fond of dogs. A self-proclaimed cat person, I’ve had cats (not to mention several parakeets and a handful of fish) all my life. I like low-maintenance pets. Quiet pets. Pets that don’t eat things they shouldn’t. I’ll admit it.

The whole cat person/dog person dichotomy aside, I love animals. My eight-year-old self once rescued a stray dog by feeding it hot dogs out my bedroom window. Black Sabbath, as we named her, eventually became Sadie, my grandma’s pet for nearly ten years. (Obviously, Grandma wasn’t a big Ozzy fan.)

Summer is nigh and you know you want a tan. But what about that pesky cancer thing?! (Note: this article originally appeared on Check them out. You won’t be sorry.) If there were a Facebook group called Skin Cancer is Whack, Yo I would totally click the link in my news feed and become a […]

The Society of Professional Journalists’ Ohio Chapter has finally announced the winners of its 13th annual statewide competition honoring the best of Ohio’s print, broadcast, online, trade and college journalism. My article “Drama Queens,” published in VMSD magazine’s May 2008 issue, took second place in the Best Trade Report category.