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Seattle Metropolitan magazine

House in a Box
One breezy summer afternoon, Destry Johnson and A. C. Hurt were sitting on one of their home’s four terraces when a woman who was driving by stopped and shouted, “Cool house.” Read more…




Shelf Help
No offense to the e-reader, but a word collection of well-thumbed books, be they fiction or non-, best-sellers or biology texts, reveals personality and gives character to a room. Read more…


Loop du Loop

Home Decor Pinterest Boards We Absolutely Love
Should you need a quick jolt of home-design motivation to get your latest decorating project humming along, head to — where else — Pinterest. Read more…





Where to Find Fab Wallpaper (And Why You Shouldn’t be Afraid of It)
Wallpaper has come a long way since the days of stuffy florals and tacky prints. So why are so many homeowners terrified to use it? Read more…




Put ‘Em to Work! Four Easy Chores For Your Kiddos
For little hands that lack dexterity, some chores around the casa just can’t be done — or at least done well. Read more…





Retail Environments magazine

Screen shot 2012-11-26 at 1.52.05 PMA Spirited Space for Riant
New women’s boutique makes a splash in a tony Toronto zip code. Read more…




PaperCity magazine

April 2011

Mixed Company
Mingling taxidermy with a mirrored cocktail table? Blue-and-white with Basquiat? Oh yes, says decorator Mersina Stubbs, who transformed a once-heavy Mediterranean into an airy — and dare we say a bit rebellious — villa for her own familia. (Special appearance by Madame Curie.) Read more…









Published January 2012

Inside the Head of Radha Arora
One of the world’s top purveyors of resorts and hotels has a brand-new man — and he’s got credentials in spades. Meet Radha Arora, a 30-year force in the luxury-lodging biz and the new president of Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, based here in Dallas. He’s detail-obsessed (no rumpled drapes or specks of dust allowed); he’s dapper (he’s mad for Domenico Vacca and Ralph Lauren Black Label); and he’s droll (his sense of humor peppers every conversation). We sat down with the cool commander-in-chief to learn more — a lot more. What did we uncover? Let’s just say you may want to work “Chardonnay Hour” into your routine immediately. Read more…



September 2011


House Proud
PaperCity paints the town with a trio of to-dos hosted by Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s, 365 Modern and the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas.
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January 2012

Original Octane
In between your trips to crates and barrels, barns, galleries and nests, consider popping into Original Octane for a little apparel therapy. Read more…

Getting GorgeousGetting Gorgeous
Our Lauren Mang uncovers three bits of news on the Beauty Beat.
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VMSD magazine

Published: November 2008

White Magic
Anne Fontaine’s flagship on Madison Avenue demonstrates just how non-traditional a traditional white shirt can be.
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Published: November 2008

Pink Russian
From Russia with Hearts: Kira Plastinina brings a bit of extravagance and a lot of pink to SoHo in her first U.S. store.
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May 2008

Drama Queens
They’re pouty, peppy and full of glamour. Today’s mannequins say, “Look at Me!”
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Cincy magazine

A Grape Notion

A Grape Notion
Winemaker Chip Emmerich doesn’t stomp around in vats of grapes. He’s located in North College Hill, not Napa Valley, and he doesn’t boast a vintage Pinot Noir. Read more…