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Lauren_headshotAbout Lauren Mang
Since moving to Seattle, I’ve learned two things: It doesn’t rain nearly as much as everyone thinks it does and if your body is free of tattoos, it’s a clear indication that you’re a newcomer. I live with my husband and two rowdy cats. I’ve been writing for seven years (you can view my complete resume here) and have had the privilege of working for multiple consumer and business-to-business publications and websites. Currently, I hold the digital editor position at Seattle magazine.

My work has appeared in Seattle magazine, Seattle Metropolitan, PaperCity, VMSD, Retail Environments, Cincy and Z Life magazines, and I frequently write about design, architecture and home decor. I like to think that I was an interior designer in another life. I have no current plans to get a tattoo.

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I Won an Award

Second place, Best Trade Report, from the Society of Professional Journalists’ Ohio chapter for “Drama Queens